Cure your Deafness permanently from your life.

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This blog is about the research work conducted by Naturopath Homeopath Doctor Pravin Surana for curing deafness permanently from your life.

Doctor Pravin Surana have developed a microfine treatment by doing extensive series of experiments and research; and have developed a formula through which deafness can be cured permanently without any operations or surgery or any harmful drugs or medications. He has developed a technique through which the deafness can be cured permanently from life. The treatment just consists of naturopath medication which consists of water based compund and can cure deafness permanently life.


In human history, deafness has never been cured through any kind of technology or by any kind of medication developed by humans, but by the treatment and the research done by Naturopath Doctor Pravin Surana, through Microfine treatment he has developed a permanent cure through naturopathy which cures the deafness from the human body permanently.

Before proving how deafness is cured with the help of  microfine treatment developed by Doctor Pravin Surana; let us first know how our ear functions and how the process of hearing happens in our human body.

Ears are the one of the most essentials organs of our human body, to be more specific it is not just an organ but it is a sensory organ which makes us capable of sensing and hearing audible sound waves which through which we can hear different sounds around us.

The human ear mainly consists of three parts:

External Ear, Middle Ear and Internal Ear.

This parts have a major contribution in the process of hearing.

The external ear consist of the ear visible to us, which redirects audible wave coming from outside to our middle ear which processes this sound waves and sends them to our nerves which gets connected with our internal ear and we are able to hear different sounds.

Let me give you a more clear example by showing you a graphical image of ears to make it easily understandable.


The Middle ear:

The internal ear process the audible waves and sends them to our internal ear through which we are able to hear different sounds of nature.


Deafness is a kind of hindrance which does not allow our ear to function properly and thus audible wave signals from the nature does not reach our brain and thus one is not able to hear.

Most of the cases which are heard in this world are the deafness caused due to dryness of the auditory nerve. But this has always been a secondary cause. The first cause has always been the working of external and the middle ear. The microfine treatment developed by Doctor Pravin Surana solves the deafness issue by nursing the external and the middle ear.

Doctor Surana has done a extensive research on deafness and have developed a microfine treatment through which deafness can be cured permanently.

The treatment developed by Doctor Pravin Surana consists of a water based compound which nurses the human ear in such a way that one can start hearing in the first 2 hours of the treatment itself. This itself is proven because, Doctor Pravin Surana has cured thousands of deaf patients with the revolutionary use of microfine treatmnet devloped by him.

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Here are some Youtube Video Links which shows how the deafness got cured and how they feel blessed by the use of microfine treatment used.

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